B&B The Park and the Frescoes

In the early Twentieth century a pioneer in the local emerging industry chose, as residence for himself and his adored wife, one of the most beautiful places in the province of Varese: the village of Santa Maria del Monte, a UNESCO World Heritage area in 2004. The wealthy patron commissioned the project to Lodovico Pogliaghi (Milan 1857 - Varese 1950), an artist of great renown, in those years engaged for the execution of the Major Door of Milan Cathedral. The sculptor orientates the villa to the south, towards the lake of Varese and the Po valley, flooding with the sun which enter through lighted windows. It decorated the Villa with furniture that faithfully reproduce the most varied styles of the past, according to the eclectic tastes of the time and with many frescoes. Since 2008 the Villa was used as a valuable Bed & Breakfast; three original master bedrooms will welcome you for a tranquillity stay, wrapping you in a dreamlike atmosphere.