B&B The Park and the Frescoes

History of Villa Pax

The Villa was commissioned to Lodovico Pogliaghi by Mr Silvio Macchi (Varese 1858-1924), a well-known politician of the city, who located one of his mansion-houses in the quiet village of Santa Maria del Monte between XIX and XX cent. He had chosen that location also because he had wanted to ensure constant sunlight and clean air for his wife, Emma Zonda (Milan 1873-Varese 1912), ill with tuberculosis. Therefore Pogliaghi located, intentionally, the building southwards and, thanks to the presence of its wide windows, he secured a breathtaking view, directly overlooking the surrounding big terraced park, sloping down to the Lake of Varese. Moreover, the artist, himself, took care of all the furnishings and walnut boiseries which, according to the eclectic taste of that period, bear the motto "PAX", trimmed with floral neo-Gothic and Baroque-like motives and still today denomination of the Villa for its perfect location. The exhibition is set up in the rooms on the ground floor and lets you visit the warm and cosy parlour with a fire-place and a lacunar ceiling. From here, you can get to the delightful bow window through a grotesquerie-adorned opening. This pretty spot is equipped with a window-piece of furniture, a table with some Savonarola chairs and a wall-clock; everything is in neo-Gothic German style. Then you can have a rest inside the ogival vaulted frescoed veranda, characterized by thin columns and by some stained-glass windows that tone in with a refined Venetian chandelier of flowering wistaria.

Villa PAX